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Content which shall be declared on the label W/W                         
 Total Organic Matter                                                                                  %32
Total Nitrogen %6.7
Organic Nitrogen %1.4
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) %3
Total Humic + Fulvic Acid %13
Free Amino Acids %2
 pH 2.13
Density 1.25 gr/cm3
Other İngredients                                                W/W
Organic Carbon %17
PGR (IAA-IBA- NAA) 600 ppm
Boron (B) %0.010
Cooper EDTA (Cu) %0.010
Iron EDTA (Fe) %0.050
Manganese (Mn) %0.050
Molybdenum (Mo) %0.001
Zinc EDTA (Zn) %0.010
Packege                                                               5-10- 20-220- 1000 L


Brief Introduction and product features:

Maximum those who want to root for special (IAA-IBA- NAA), with metabolites supplemented with carbon and fulvic + humic acids organic rooting with high impact.

Absorption of nutrients:

High cationic exchange capacity (CIC) by increasing the cellular permeability provides ease of absorption of nutrients. Hydronium groups (OH) of humic and fulvic acid certainly C.I.C. determine metals involvement trend by way of forming salts or chelates. These actions as trivalent, in fulvic acid with more intense trivial metallic caption it is more pronounced. Soil structure: develops soil structure by making a more spongy and increasing the water holding capacity. As known which are responsible for soil improvement in various humic parts clusters are forming polysaccharides.

  • Stimulates the development of root system and thus providing plenty of opportunity to plant rooting.
  • AMINOVIC, positively affect soil productivity and water retention capacity and It is an organic fertilizer in liquid form allowing access to a loose structure.
  • It stabilizes and rehabilitates of soil fertility and activation extremely quickly.
  • Thanks to the chelate technology contained in pieces, chelates fertilizer in soil or applied along and nano size (very small size) carries the plant.
  • Initiates biochemical activities in plants visible difference occurs in use of foliar and soil. Because it allows the formation of chlorophyll It lets take a dark green plant.
  • AMINOVIC, contains all of 10% amino acid natural, free amino acids and consisting of organic acid, containing high amounts of organic carbon organic liquid fertilizer is very active.
  • By preventing salt accumulation in the soil, eliminate the biotic and a-biotic stress running in the plants.
  • It increases efficiency by promoting the fruit.
  • I can be mixed with all kinds pesticides and fertilizers also it increases the efficacy of systemic drugs.
  • Technology that makes a difference 
M 90 Chelate
  • Test result of suggestibility by the plant
Very high (Onset 30 minutes avg. visibly effect. 5-7 days)
  • Farmers satisfaction rate
  • Plants can be used

It can be used safely for All plants especially fruit, vegetable,

industrial plants cereals of which made cultivation, golf and football pitches.

  • Usage dose
It has been declared on the product label.



Soil Aplications
  • In vegetables and fruit trees

1.5 - 3 Lt. / Decare (3-5 Application)

  • In field crops
1.5 - 3 Lt / Decare (2- 4 Application)
  • In citrus, banana, vineyard, cherry, strawberry

1.5 - 3 Lt / Decare (3-4 Application)

  • It is generally applied in a dose of 100 -150 gr/ 1 ton irrigation water 15 - 20 days
Foliar Applications
In vegetables and fruit trees, in field crops and in citrus, banana, vineyard, cherry and strawberry.
  • Mild dose

150-200 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)

  • Moderate dose
250-300 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)
  • High dose

350-400 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)


  • Absolutely perform premix test to make sure mixture or ask for support from our technical staff.
  • Recommended application doses can be increased or decreased with the proposal of Technical Agricultural Engineer for application success.



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