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Content which shall be declared on the label W/W                         
Organic Matter                                                                                    %24
Total Humic-fulvic acid %20
Total Nitrogen %18
Organic Nitrogen %1,2
  WS- Potassium Oxide (K2O) %2.4
 pH 4-6
Other İngredients                                                W/W

Gibberellic Acid 1000 ppm, Auxin 400 ppm, Cytokine 200 ppm, Organic Substances 58.6%,Total Nitrogen 4.3%, Organic Nitrogen 3.2%, Total Humic + Fulvic Acid 29.1%, Humic Acid 4.2%, Fulvic Acid 24.9%, Organic Carbon 29%, Organic Acid Bacteria 18,000 Kobe / Unit, Enzymes 20,000 FTU / kg., 10.6% total amino acids, Free amino acids 4,6%, Adjuant 3%, Density 1.2 g / cm3

Packege                                                               5-10- 20 ve 1000 L


Brief Introduction and product features:

Hormone Biostimulant Solution Activator…. Cytokine + Auxin + Gibberellic Acid + enzymes and other…

Brief Introduction and product features:

  • It is a biostümulant featured an activator obtained using extracts of vegetable origin developed by our company.

What is the CYTO GRO™'s impact and observations in plants and the soil?

  • CYTO GRO, provides durability against stress because of food passes easily between cells.

  • CYTO GRO, is a special activator for wake up in plants and blooming.

  • CYTO GRO, encourages the formation of new shoots by providing extra energy to plant.

  • CYTO GRO, increases the leaf width and thickness.

  • CYTO GRO, removes maximum level nutritional transitions between cells.

  • CYTO GRO, causes capillary root increase and cell division in plant.

  • CYTO GRO increases the water holding capacity of the soil.

  • CYTO GRO, by revealing genetic rutting (plant will give the highest yield), performs flowering and fruit setting.

  • It toughen the fruit and extend the shelf life.

  • It is a preferred, effective product in the lower the pH of spraying water. For this reason in the mix with pesticides and fertilizers thanks to the lowering the pH and chelate properties it improves the effectiveness of the drug.

  • CYTO GRO, minimize the yield losses in regular use by making the plant resistant against diseases and pests.

  • CYTO GRO reception is easy due to the nano-sized with low pH and EC values.

  • CYTO GRO excellent chelates macro and micro elements Especially nitrogen phosphorus and potassium as

    iron, zinc, copper, manganese, boron, molybdenum.

  • CYTO GRO, increases taste-aroma, brightness and nutritional value of fruits.

  • CYTO GRO, overcomes of fruit and flowers loss.

  • CYTO GRO, facilitates fertilization by increasing the pollen quality.

  • CYTO GRO provides large and quality fruit formation by increasing the amount of fruit brix (sugar-polar) and


  • CYTO GRO, does not make just one task in the plant; all organs of the plant was applied stimulate.

  • CYTO GRO, increases the water holding capacity of the soil.

  • CYTO GRO, regulate vegetative and reproductive growth by preventing the washout of fertilizer especially

    nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

  • CYTO GRO, carries out fertilizer formulations in or along with added full and equally

  • With CYTO GRO the plant always powerful and efficient.

  • CYTO GRO, minimizes healthy stress and provides plenty of opportunity efficiency.

  • CYTO GRO, improves fruit and extends the shelf life.

  • CYTO GRO, provides the obtained high market value product.


  • Technology that makes a difference 
M 90 chelate + PGR fhyto-activator.
  • Test result of suggestibility by the plant
Very high (Onset 30 minutes avg. visibly effect. 5-7 days)
  • Farmers satisfaction rate
  • Plants can be used

It can be used safely for All plants especially fruit, vegetable,

industrial plants cereals of which made cultivation, golf and football pitches.

  • Usage dose
It has been declared on the product label.



Soil Aplications
  • In vegetables and fruit trees

1.5 - 3 Lt. / Decare (3-5 Application)

  • In field crops
1.5 - 3 Lt / Decare (2- 4 Application)
  • In citrus, banana, vineyard, cherry, strawberry

1.5 - 3 Lt / Decare (3-4 Application)

  • It is generally applied in a dose of 100 -150 gr/ 1 ton irrigation water 15 - 20 days
Foliar Applications
In vegetables and fruit trees, in field crops and in citrus, banana, vineyard, cherry and strawberry.
  • Mild dose

150-200 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)

  • Moderate dose
250-300 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)
  • High dose

350-400 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)


  • Absolutely perform premix test to make sure mixture or ask for support from our technical staff.
  • Recommended application doses can be increased or decreased with the proposal of Technical Agricultural Engineer for application success.



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