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Content which shall be declared on the label W/W                         
 Water Soluble Cooper (Cu)                                                                                  %6.25
 pH 2.8 (24 °C)
Packege                                                               :5-10- 20-220- 1000 L


Brief Introduction and product features:

  • Active material: Glycine Chelated 20 % metallic copper (6.25 % Copper)

  • Features: It is the only Nano size fungicide that % 100 extracts to plant and / or can enter the sap with organic

    and systemic formulation.

Why do you prefer ECO L 60?

  • Its particles are nano-size, both root and foliar it is unbeatable through xylem-fluem 100% of the property can

    enter the plant site.

  • Bordeaux mixture and similar to the bluestone Having various forms of copper oxide, sulfate and hydroxides

    plant (stem and leaf) structure can not attend because the contacts are effective, ECO L 60 is systematic

  • Compared to Bordeaux mixture and Bluestone it is much faster and long-term effects.

  • In plants due to continuous and long-term effect can not be taken for long-term fungicides or even in periods of

    delay provide a serious resistance thus avoiding the fungi active harm.

  • It is organic, it does not leave residue and stains.

  • After adjusting the dose ratio not effective fungi (mushrooms) and the bacterial species was encountered.


  • ECO L 60 is 100 % the glycine chelated.

  • It removes soil salinity.

  • It toughen the fruit and extend the shelf life.

  • It is a preferred, effective product in the lower the pH of spraying water. For this reason in the mix with pesticides and fertilizers thanks to the lowering the pH and chelate properties it improves the effectiveness of the drug.

  • Absorption by the plant is very high.

  • ECO L 60, high efficiency, zero residue and spotless fruit with low copper ratio,

  • ECO L 60 provides a multi-channel approach with less risk of resistance,

  • It provides the possibility of applying with drip irrigation and from leaf,

  • Dual systemic characteristics: belongs to active substance and the induction signal,

  • Harmless on 'Beneficial organisms'39;

  • Resistance of harvest: In contrast to other products, ECO L 60 applications provides live, glossy leaves,

  • With the last application, harvest time is zero-day,

Accurate and Efficient Use of the product:

With the last application, harvest time is zero-day,


  • Technology that makes a difference 
  • Test result of suggestibility by the plant
Very high (Onset 30 minutes avg. visibly effect. 5-7 days)
  • Farmers satisfaction rate
  • Plants can be used

It can be used safely for All plants especially fruit, vegetable,

industrial plants cereals of which made cultivation, golf and football pitches.

  • Usage dose
It has been declared on the product label.



Soil Aplications
  • In vegetables and fruit trees

1.5 - 3 Lt. / Decare (3-5 Application)

  • In field crops
1.5 - 3 Lt / Decare (2- 4 Application)
  • In citrus, banana, vineyard, cherry, strawberry

1.5 - 3 Lt / Decare (3-4 Application)

  • It is generally applied in a dose of 100 -150 gr/ 1 ton irrigation water 15 - 20 days
Foliar Applications
In vegetables and fruit trees, in field crops and in citrus, banana, vineyard, cherry and strawberry.
  • Mild dose

150-200 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)

  • Moderate dose
250-300 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)
  • High dose

350-400 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)


  • Absolutely perform premix test to make sure mixture or ask for support from our technical staff.
  • Recommended application doses can be increased or decreased with the proposal of Technical Agricultural Engineer for application success.



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Eco L 60