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Content which shall be declared on the label W/W                         
 Total Organic Matter                                                                                  %12
Total Humic + Fulvic Acid %22
Potassium Oxide Soluble In Water (K2O) %3
 pH 9,5 (24 °C)
Other İngredients                                                W/W
Organic Carbon %21
Density 1,20 gr/cm3
Packege                                                               5-10- 20 ve 1000 L


Brief Introduction and product features:

It is a strong soil conditioner. It is a miracle product providing affordability, high rate of fertilizer including nano humic + fulvic acid (activated carbon). It triggers the activity of Aux, IBA (auxin) and enzymes in the soil. Plant nutrients provides remarkable effects by transfering plant organ, the vegetative parts of the plant and root development, product yield and fruit quality. Chelating feature and the intelligent application of slow-release of fertilizer of low doses of other nutrients provides a much higher take effect.

What are effects on soil and plants and observations in use of LIQUID HUMIN 22?

  • In slow release and the smart fertilizer application in usage with low rates of fertilizer it provides a much higher take effect.
  • It triggers the action of Auxin, IBA (the auxin) and enzymes in the soil.
  • It allows the transfer plant nutrients to the plant organs.
  • It increases the amount of organic matter of the soil, regulates the structure and increases the water-holding capacity. Activates microorganisms in the soil.
  • It is a strong soil conditioner.
  • It provides high levels of suggestibility by fertilizer chelates.
  • Allowing the retention of the fertilizer in the soil prevents washout.
  • It is a miracle product containing nano size humic + fulvic acids containing activated carbon.
  • It provides remarkable effects on vejatatif shoot and root development, yield and fruit quality of plant.
  • It shreds all macro and micro elements (N, P, K, Mg, Ca, S, Zn, Fe, Mn, B, Cu, Mo) which are connected in soil or co administered, chelates and carries to the plant by converting nano-size (very small size).
  • Increases the activity of enzymes and flora in soil, thus increases the water holding capacity and soil productivity and it provides a ground to achieve a loose structure.
  • Stimulates the development of root system and thus providing plenty of capillary root formation in plants.
  • It allows the plant to get a dark green colour.
  • It ensures the efficiency of the plant by extremely quickly chastening of soil fertility and activation.
  • It protects plants from the salinity stress which due to over fertilization and from drought, the climatic conditions in the soil and It ensures the efficiency of the plant.

  • It guarantees of equality in fruits in terms of calibre and harvest date.
  • It provides equally growth by guaranteeing the increase in cell mass of the plant.
  • Plant health promotion and protection, as well as, including a-biotic first, increase the capacity to cope with stress situations.
  • Technology that makes a difference 
Organic Micro Carbon + Humins
  • Test result of suggestibility by the plant
Very high (Onset 30 minutes avg. visibly effect. 5-7 days)
  • Farmers satisfaction rate
  • Plants can be used

It can be used safely for All plants especially fruit, vegetable,

industrial plants cereals of which made cultivation, golf and football pitches.

  • Usage dose
It has been declared on the product label.



Soil Aplications
  • In vegetables and fruit trees

1.5 - 3 Lt. / Decare (3-5 Application)

  • In field crops
1.5 - 3 Lt / Decare (2- 4 Application)
  • In citrus, banana, vineyard, cherry, strawberry

1.5 - 3 Lt / Decare (3-4 Application)

  • It is generally applied in a dose of 100 -150 gr/ 1 ton irrigation water 15 - 20 days
Foliar Applications
In vegetables and fruit trees, in field crops and in citrus, banana, vineyard, cherry and strawberry.
  • Mild dose

150-200 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)

  • Moderate dose
250-300 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)
  • High dose

350-400 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)


  • Absolutely perform premix test to make sure mixture or ask for support from our technical staff.
  • Recommended application doses can be increased or decreased with the proposal of Technical Agricultural Engineer for application success.



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Liquid Humin 22