PHOSEM 8.12.6+ME



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Content which shall be declared on the label W/W                         
 Total Nitrogen %8
Urea Nitrogen %8
WS- Phosphorus Penta Oxide (P2O5) %12
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O) %6
Boron (B) %0.010
Cooper EDTA (Cu) %0.010
Iron EDTA (Fe) 0,050%
Manganese (Mn) 0,050%
Molybdenum (Mo) 0,001%
Zinc EDTA (Zn) 0.010 %
Other İngredients                                                W/W
 Organic Matter %25
 Organic Nitrogen %12
The organic acid bacteria 38.000 Kob/Unit.
 Enzymes 40.000 FTU/Kg.
Total Humic + Fulvic Acid %12.5
Free Amino Acids %2
Density 1,25 gr/cm3
pH 2.68
Packege                                                               :5-10- 20-220- 1000 L


Brief Introduction and product features:

  • PHOSEM 8.12.6+ME, thanks to contained enzyme and microorganisms increases the soil productivity and water holding capacity and it provides access to a loose structure of the soil.

  • Thanks to contained metabolites, it starts bio-chemical activities, visible difference occurs in foliar and soil use, encourage the development of plant root system and thus it provides plenty of capillary root formation in plants.

  • Thanks to the chelate M 90 technology contained in, reveal the genetic rutting (Maximum kind of feature available from plant).

  • By promoting the plant for flower and the fruit, it increases yield in a very serious way.

  • It is the product in fruit planting that breaking dormancy, providing all the eyes boom and preventing the flower loss.

  • It encourages bloom and root formation.

  • It provides plants with phosphorus in the plant provides transportation of nutrients continuity.

  • Promotes plant to photosynthesize and increases the formation of chlorophyll. It also allows the plant to be healthy. As an indication of this gives a dark green color to plant.

  • PHOSEM 8.12.6+ME, provides adsorption of plenty thanks to phosphorus formulation.

  • It increases the amount of organic matter of the soil, regulates the structure and increases the water-holding capacity. Activates microorganisms in the soil.

  • It increases the nutritional value and lets keep plenty of grain in cereals.

  • It increases the resistance of plant to heat and cold.

  • It provides very high efficiency increase.

  • It shreds all macro and micro elements.

  • (N, P, K, Mg, Ca, S,Zn, Fe, Mn, B, Cu, Mo) which are connected in soil or externally applied to plant, chelates and carries to the plant by converting nano-size (very small size).


  • Technology that makes a difference 
M 90 Chelate
  • Test result of suggestibility by the plant
Very high (Onset 30 minutes avg. visibly effect. 5-7 days)
  • Farmers satisfaction rate
  • Plants can be used

It can be used safely for All plants especially fruit, vegetable,

industrial plants cereals of which made cultivation, golf and football pitches.

  • Usage dose
It has been declared on the product label.



Soil Aplications
  • In vegetables and fruit trees

1.5 - 3 Lt. / Decare (3-5 Application)

  • In field crops
1.5 - 3 Lt / Decare (2- 4 Application)
  • In citrus, banana, vineyard, cherry, strawberry

1.5 - 3 Lt / Decare (3-4 Application)

  • It is generally applied in a dose of 100 -150 gr/ 1 ton irrigation water 15 - 20 days
Foliar Applications
In vegetables and fruit trees, in field crops and in citrus, banana, vineyard, cherry and strawberry.
  • Mild dose

150-200 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)

  • Moderate dose
250-300 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)
  • High dose

350-400 gr. / Decare (3 - 4 Application)


  • Absolutely perform premix test to make sure mixture or ask for support from our technical staff.
  • Recommended application doses can be increased or decreased with the proposal of Technical Agricultural Engineer for application success.



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Phosem 8.12.6+TE